Why Should To-Be-Mommies Stay Out of Fashion? Here Is A Complete Style Guide 


Why Should To-Be-Mommies Stay Out of Fashion? Here Is A Complete Style Guide

The period of pregnancy is indeed the most beautiful period in a woman’s life. Though it has its own share of struggles, yet all of that is worth it! With a lot of mood swings, physical and emotional development, and all that learning and excitement, pregnancy can be a very exhausting too. Excluding the stress-filled excitement about her yet to be born child, they also undergo numerous changes. It is no news that women, in their pregnancy period, undergo many physical changes. Due to the volatile hormonal and physical changes, women usually feel discouraged to make contributions to their wardrobe. Another factor contributing to the discouragement is the lack of dressing options varying in size and variety. Fortunately, those days are gone. With the fashion and apparel industry now omnipresent in the online domain; efforts are minimal and are more satisfying. Read on to know everything about maternity clothes.

When to start buying maternity clothes?

Every woman’s body is unique, and the way they undergo pregnancy is also different. It mostly depends on your height, weight, age, genes, etc. So, the ideal time to start wearing maternity clothes for you will also differ.

Although, it is recommended that you start when you are 20 weeks. It is when you are 20 weeks through your pregnancy that your little bump starts showing.

However, it will largely depend on your body. So, hear closely to what your body is telling you. If you have the urge to unbutton your pants before dinner, you may end up wearing your sleepwear all day. You may think nothing is more comfortable than your bathrobe. All these signs are your body’s way of telling you that you need maternity wear now.

The Best Place for Your Maternity Clothes

Athleisure Clothing Store is an online store that houses a varying catalogue of sartorial bliss. Their clothing stock consists of products ranging from sports clothing and activewear to maternity clothes and casual wear. With a vast variety of options available in one place, soon-to-be mommies can now enjoy a dose of vanity. Thus, here is a styling guide for the pregnancy period to step up the dressing game-

Athletic and Work-out Attire

Pregnancy is a period when women undoubtedly spend time prepping for the baby. From reading self-help book extensively to shopping for cradles and toys, they do everything. It is thus reasonable for women to not prioritize their fitness. Studies show that a regular minimal workout is beneficial. A physical workout regime can help reduce the risk for diabetes and other diseases. Thus, the next thing on the list should be proper attire for the workout sessions. Maternity period requires women to assess the physical changes and dress accordingly. Thus, for these conditions, it’s necessary to have a couple of activewear essentials in the wardrobe.


To build proper gym clothes, women need a few things. To start with, the first thing that is required is a good quality set of leggings. As the body is in a state of constant transition, it’s better to go with shapewear leggings. The leggings are one of the most helpful and comfortable additions to the maternity clothing collection. Their elasticity and comfort make sure that the body can stretch, work and function comfortably even if it’s during pregnancy. The leggings bought can also be high waisted leggings to cover the belly and offer comfortable support.


Once leggings are sorted, the next item is a comfortable tank top or a sports bra. Either of the two products needs to be comfortable and expandable. The tank tops chosen with the leggings could have a long length to cover up the abdominal region. The tank tops are comfortable and accommodate the problem of a changing body efficiently. A sports bra is a versatile option for gym attire too. The item is athletic and also comfortable.  Another thing to keep in mind when buying the items is their relevance post pregnancy. It is advised to invest in items that will suit one well even after the pregnancy period is over. With these essentials, women who are expecting, can now also own the gym look.

Casual Wear

The pregnancy period usually takes a toll on the women. With constant tiredness and physical changes, it’s hard to stay comfortable and relaxed. These inevitable changes also take a substantial toll on one’s current wardrobe. The physical growth renders most of the clothes useless. Before one realizes, they are in need of a new set of clothes that fits the many changes. Therefore, it’s required by the women to possess a set of casual day to day wear clothes. These clothes should not only conform to the vanity standards but also offer comfort and cosiness.

The best option women could go with is long skirts and dresses. The long skirts are the most versatile option. Long skirts can cascade freely down the body, covering the baby bump and offer ample comfort. The material preferred is usually cotton.


Another great addition to the maternal clothes collection is maternity dresses. These dresses are chic and colourful and also comfortable. The expandable cotton fabric matches the silhouette gracefully and is perfect for the casual occasion. A jacket over a dress can always add a bold edge to a casual pregnant look. Other additions include a long frock which extends comfortably over the belly and adds the cute gradient to the look. Regular maternal t-shirts and tops are also options to keep handy. Cotton tops and t-shirts are expandable and equally comfortable to the cladding. These tops could be paired mostly with leggings or jeggings. There are other options of cotton waist-belts that could be added to the attire. The waist-belt offers support to the belly and the back arch. The belt can be worn with high waisted leggings or jeans.

The mentioned items are available on the Athleisure Clothing Store at a reasonable price. The varying online catalogue offers all the items in different sizes and colour.

With online shopping now becoming a soaring trend, maternity shopping is now a child’s play. With thousands of websites emerging online, the only problem arising is indecisiveness. Athleisure Clothing Store is similarly turning tables in the Australian region. The site is packed with all the mentioned maternal clothes. Maternal clothing like leggings, women’s activewear and the casual attires like tops and maternal dresses are available.

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